Des Souris et des Fringues for women's fashion, clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags from well known designers such as Twin Set

  • Anniel - Lilith - Sarah Pacini - Manila Grace - Trippen - Cryme - IB&B les marques chez Des Souris et Des Fringues

    13 Rue du Chevaliers St Jean, 34120 Pézenas, Herault, France - Boutique location

    Phone: +33 (0) 467 943169

    Activity: Woman's Fashion boutique for clothes, accessories shoes and bags

    Price range: Not specified

    Opening hours: Mon & Thur 10.00-12.30 /14.00-19.00 - Wed & Fri 10.00-19-00 - Sat 10.00-19.30


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  • Some words about Des Souris et des Fringues

    Fashion boutique carrying well known designer brands